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zazzin' it up

why don't more people say 'zazz? it's funny.
okay, so ryan has this job now which means i have ALL SORTS of time to myself. it is lonely. he's been here with me for so long i just don't know what to do with myself. okay, i lied, i know exactly what i'll do. first i'll spend a few days or more dicking around on the internet. then, when i get bored with that, i'll start cleaning. then when there's nothing left to clean, i may just start....socializing. i don't know though, i do enjoy my time to myself, and i may just use the time to work on all these fucking arts and crafts i've half-ass started. i can also imagine my back yard will be minorly kick ass this summer.
it's sooooo weird not having him here, though. last night when he came home he seemed pretty satisfied with himself. he was in a LOT of pain, which is expected. it's been forever since he's had to work super hard like this, and his body's not used to it. once he gets into a routine and gets used to the work i'm sure that'll change. it's good to see him feel good about himself. working with rick has really destroyed his self confidence.
luckily, he has valentine's day off. this is our first valentine's as a married couple, and i am totally going all out. well, for me i am anyway. thanks to help from my sister (the master chef) i'm making him a crazy super awesome dinner. we're having garlic and rosemary marinated strip steak with red skin taters with mushrooms and rosemary and for dessert, i'm making homemade chocolate covered strawberries. and i'm gonna rock the dress he bought me in vegas. yeah, we're going to be home all day, but that is no reason for me not to put a $100 worth of dress to good use. i don't even know if he's getting me anything or doing anything for me, and to be perfectly honest, i kind of don't care if he doesn't. i just want to spend the whole day making him feel cherished. he does that for me ALL the time, and sure it's just a greeting card holiday but i am taking advantage of it. as long as he's here with me, that's all that matters. this is one of those days you get to go overboard for your significant other. yes, of course, you should show that person how much you love them every single day, but this "holiday" is one made for totally overdoing it.
okay, i gotta go get started with my prep for tomorrow. happy valentine's to everyone who celebrates it, and happy lupercalia to those who are single. break out the wolf skin and start whipping strangers!!


hey woman!

I have been thinking about lately.
Rusty has surgery in the morning... on his nose. He has been sick lately because of a nosebleed that has lasted too long.
I'll get ahold of you sometime. I have next weekend off, do you? I'll have the kid with me though.

Re: hey woman!

welp, i'm not sure about next weekend - i didn't get my schedule for it yet, but i will tomorrow.
i heard about rusty's surgery...i wonder how many more times he's going to have to go through this sort of thing. my immediate thought was to tell him "sorry about your face dude" but thought that may not be very sensitive lol. anyway, hopefully it all goes well and ends successfully, and hopefully this isn't something you guys will have to deal with very often.
more likely than not, i have next sunday off. it's very rare for me to work weekends because the other girls have school. i'll check though, i would love to hang out again sometime. and lydia's a pretty cool kid, no big deal if she's going to hang out, too :)
oh and other than having your husband in shitty physical condition, i hope you had a half-way decent birthday today!