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never gonna catch me i'm the CRIMSON GHOST...

oh, happiest of happy days! i started my period 4 days early! YAY, I AM SO HAPPY.
i guess i will be if it's a normal cycle and i don't have to go through this breakthrough bleeding BS again. i'm sure it's just my body getting back at me for skipping my cycle in october. seriously though, there was NO FREAKING WAY i was going to be menstruating at my wedding or during the trip. i am way too bitchy and emotional and i would have been freaking about leaking the whole time (eww. sorry.)
moving on----
ugh. i slept until almost 4pm today. actually the only reason i got out of bed was because ryan's friend stopped by to pick some stuff up, and i had to put fucking pants on. meh.
so since i've had all this time to myself, i have gone head on into the first phase - dicking around on the internet. i have discovered the name of my hip problem, "Congenital Hip Dysplasia" and also discovered that this is something that can be resolved after birth. if it isn't, it continues to deteriorate until you need a hip replacement or bone re-shaping, depending on which problem you have. either my hip socket did not develop properly, causing the ball of the hip to grate against the cartilage, or my femur is mishapen, essentially causing the same thing. i've also found out that it's possible i suffer from cluster headaches. i will have to track my headaches to be sure about that, but all the info i read essentially described the pain i experience.
oh, and i accidentally clicked the "become a fan" of ted nugent for michigan governor in 2010. i just wanted to see the page, and went to click info to see if it was legit, when all of the sudden (as i routinely do from lack of using a mouse,) i clicked that fucking icon. no offense, nuge, but i don't think you'd be the right choice to be running michigan. you're a bit too conservative-republican for me. go for it tho, because i fucking hate granholm, and seeing you run for her spot in the government may cause her to explode. i would like that.
with all this free time, i've managed to keep up on dishes and laundry for the first time since i quit the taco and was unemployed for a few weeks. i've also composed list after list after list of heavy-duty cleaning opportunities. i'm unsure at this point how long it will take me to actually give in and complete those things. yes, i want them done. no, i do not have the ambition. right now though, i think i can blame it on the winter funk. that dirty winter funk that always gets me more down than usual. if i could just get like 9 straight hours of sunlight, i think i could probably completely clean from top to bottom and side to side. although for me it would be more of a clean a table off - scrub the toilet - run the washer - make the bed - smoke a cigarette - make a list - clean the cat litter sort of random fashion.
okay really though, i'm just bored because i won't get up and do shit, so now i think i'll do some shit.