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"coil my tongue around a bumble-bee mouth"

the days are getting longer. 15 days until the first day of spring!! you know, despite what all these people believe about "global warming" this past winter has been pretty standard as far as michigan is concerned. it reminded me of the winters we had as a kid. lots of snow, but right around the first and second week of january we would get a thaw, and then shitty, cold, snowy and windy up through february. then march comes and sloooowwly but surely, the snow begins to melt, the birds start coming back and maybe this year (I HOPE SINCERELY) it won't be completely shitty on my birthday. not that i've figured out what i'm going to do. i certainly don't intend on topping last year, when we went to chicago. of course, that's virtually impossible now with ryan working as much as he does. he's even tried to pick up a shift on his one day off during the week. i mean, i know he's gung-ho to be back at work, and i'm just as excited as he is that there's more money going around, but he's going to wear himself out! luckily, his boss won't let him pick it up because it would give him overtime. he needs at least one day to re-cooperate.
yesterday after i cashed my check, i went to my parent's house to pay my dad back the money he let me use to pay the credit card bill (i misread the due date and thought i had another week). anyway, my dad wasn't home but my mom was. she had gone to the doctor earlier because she's got a sinus infection. it's that special time of year, after all. so i sat and talked with her for a bit and headed home. well, guess what? sure as shit when i woke up this afternoon, i had allllll sorts of drainage issues. damn it. i could blame it on my mom, but i think it's just that the weather is changing and there's nothing i can do about it. luckily, i have some amoxicillin left over from the last one i had and i immediately took some. usually if i catch it early, i don't have to end up being sick for the next month. sinus infections kick my ass. actually, i was reading a while back about causes for sinus infections, and stumbled across a site that said that 4out of 5 people get a sinus infection within 24hrs of eating "fake" ice cream. this means stuff you would get from like Dairy Queen (soft serve) or, say....generic icecream sandwiches. i totally ate one of those delicious fucking things yesterday. (here's the link: http://www.zhealthinfo.com/icecream&sinusinfections.htm)
man, i can't wait to get out in my backyard and start planting some stuff. i really hope i can dedicate enough time this year to make my garden pretty.
time for exercise!


hope you are feeling better

I've never had a sinus infection and this post has pretty much convinced me to stay away from the ever-so-tempting delicious fake ice cream.
Run On Sentences are fun.


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Hi Friends!

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