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i am SO mad right now. and, even better, when ryan comes home and i tell him what happens, he'll be pissed too. great. poor guy's already spent the last 14hrs between here and bay city. he had to work a double out there today. this is not cool.
so i went to make a payment on our TV that we rent from rent a center. i went in and there was a new guy at the counter, as well as the store manager. the guy was looking up our info, and said to the manager "so they have a bi-weekly account?" i chimed in and said "no, we have a weekly account and i'm 2 days late on the payment." so then the manager CUNT says change their payment day to saturday." i said "uhm, excuse me, but why are you changing my day?" (keep in mind that during all of this i never said "yes" or "okay" to anything) and she says "oh, well obviously tuesday isn't working for you guys, and you get paid on thursdays, don't you?" i didn't say anything, and the guy said "okay, your total is $53 something" and then i got REAL mad and said "i'm making a one week payment" and the CUNT said "well now your day is on saturday, so you're paying for this week and next week." i said "I ONLY HAVE $50, THAT IS ALL THE MONEY I HAVE." and the guy said "okay, well, your total is $53.." and I said again "I ONLY HAVE $50." and CUNT says "well we'll just have to put it in suspend until saturday" i said "why are you doing this, i'm only 2 days late!" and CUNT says "well, when you're 2 days late you need your day changed" i said "whatever, this is ALL the money I have." and she said "okay, well this is what you need to pay then" i was so ENRAGED at this point all i could do was bite my lip, for fear that i may actually open my mouth and say something (which is VERY unlikely for me) got the receipt and left. then i got home and called the customer support line. the woman says "so, she changed your date without your consent?" and i told her "yes, and this is NOT the first time we have had an issue with this particular store manager, a few weeks ago my husband had rented a PS3 there and they didn't give him all the parts. he called the next day when he realized it when he was on his way to work, and the guy on the phone told him that it could get taken care of on tuesday when they opened back up after the holiday. he went in on tuesday, and the store manager told him that he WAS going to pay for the last 4 days of rental, even though he couldn't use the product because it didn't have all the parts. he told her that he wasn't doing that, and she said "you don't tell US what to do, we tell YOU what to do" then some guy working in the back came out, with his fists up and in a fight ready stance, and started yelling at my husband. EVERY SINGLE TIME we go to make a payment and this manager is there, she is very rude to us."

i am SO fucking sick of it. if we hadn't put all this money into the fucking thing already (over a grand since last year) then i'd just break it and fucking throw it in front of the door while simultaneously giving them the finger. this woman is so bad that i avoid going into the building if i see her in there. i am sick of being treated this way, especially since their whole fucking mission is all about customer fucking service. you know what? i've worked in customer service before, and i NEVER would have spoken to ANYONE the way she talks to us. she told me last week that we "NEED" to put our money in their "drop box" - this drop box is a HOLE IN THE WINDOW. they expect you to put an envelope full of money in it, and believe that it's not going to slide under a piece of furniture or a disgruntled employee isn't going to fucking steal it. AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! i wish, OH how i wish, we had the money to just buy a fucking TV and forget about this SHITTY place. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. THEY'LL TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT, AND IF YOU'RE LATE ONE DAY ON YOUR PAYMENT THEY WILL CALL YOU, THE PLACE YOU WORK, YOUR PARENTS, YOUR GRANDPARENTS, AND ANY OTHER NUMBER THEY CAN FIND THAT IS ASSOCIATED IN SOME WAY TO YOU. THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE ARE RUDE, THE STORE MANAGER IS THE DEFINITION OF CUNT AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW SHE DIDN'T GET FIRED FOR THE SHIT SHE PULLED ON US WITH THE PS3. go rent from aaron's on court street. or just try to save up the money and get it that way. this is fucking rediculous. it happened around 5pm and i am still frothing at the mouth over it, i don't even want to know how ryan's going to react. that was all the fucking extra money we had for the week. ALL of it. now we don't have any gas money and i couldn't get the few groceries we NEEDED. i called customer support TWICE, and bitched on facebook, and made a complaint on consumerreports.com...if you google rent a center complaints you would be AGAST at the amount of them, as well as how terrible some of these things are. i read one where the guys delivering furniture to someone knocked out their power line in the middle of winter, then denied it and then refused to pay for it, the woman eventually got her power company to get rent a center to pay for a hotel room for her and her family, only after her son got sick from the cold. this company is SO FUCKED UP. we can't even transfer to a different store, if you do that you have to start ALL over from scratch (which means all the money you put into something is basically fucking trashed and you have to pay all that money again)

i want to go beat the shit out of this woman. but i won't. i will, however, do everything in my power to get the CUNT fired.